Freddi Williams Evans

Author / Independent Scholar / Arts Educator / Licensed Tour Guide

Freddi Williams Evans is an author and arts educator.


Age Levels: Elementary Grades – General Audiences
Group Size: Flexible
Presentation Length: Flexible

As a leading scholar on Congo Square, Freddi will discuss the historical landmark along with the people and cultural practices that made it known around the world. Those practices included songs, dances, rhythmic patterns, religious belief systems, musical instruments, performance styles, marketing practices, foods and food-ways. Freddi will share how certain practices in Congo Square also existed in international locations. Such findings shed light on Congo Square’s role in extending and perpetuating African-based music and dance in North America.

The multi-media presentations will include archival audio clips of songs and interviews, sheet music, archival video clips of performances, archival photos, and historic maps and photographs. Presentations will also include examples of how European on-lookers and performers appropriated the practices witnessed in Congo Square as well as how the practices influenced the indigenous culture of New Orleans. In the end, the presentations will show how past events influenced contemporary times. A mini exhibition that includes examples of musical instruments may accompany presentations. 


Age Levels: Kindergarten – High School
Group Size: Classrooms to Auditorium-style
Presentation Length: 30 - 90 minutes

Using an interactive format, Freddi involves students from beginning to end as she shares her books and the publication process. She reinforces story elements (i.e. characters, setting, plot, resolution, etc.) and models concepts such as the beginning, middle and end of stories using her books. Freddi demonstrates how she uses the same elements when writing her stories that students use when writing theirs. The writing process becomes simple, meaningful and memorable as she shows how she gives life to her stories.

Freddi’s thirty-plus years of experience as an arts educator enable her to adapt presentations for all grade levels and to target correlating skills, interests and reference points. Her Power Point presentations allow her to accommodate audiences of varying sizes.


Freddi offers custom-designed short-term arts-in-education residences that provide enhanced learning opportunities through arts integration. Students learn about, through, and in the arts as she engages them in multidisciplinary arts experiences that reinforce content areas. She provides music, visual, movement, theater and literary arts education experiences through classroom workshops. Professional development in-services are also available.


Freddi provides workshops that engage teachers and demonstrate ways to integrate arts and culture into the curriculum. She introduces multidisciplinary hands-on lessons that emerse students in the arts, reinforce academics, target standards and benchmarks, and that can be readily implemented.  Teachers also receive information that provides on-going support including lesson plans, research articles, relevant websites, and community-based resources.  



Freddi develops instructional guides and other curriculum materials which emphasize arts integration and differentiated instruction and which are linked to Common Core as well as national Standards and Benchmarks in all content areas. Included are guides that accompany books, performances, workshops and art exhibitions.